We at RecyclePit are happy to buy your EPS waste and GUARANTEE that the waste is included in the production of recycled plastic.

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Sell your Eps waste

We all have to prepare for The Producer Responsibility for packaging in 2025. The Packaging Directive by EU stipulates that there must be extended producer responsibility for packaging per January 1st 2025.

You must as producer or importer know what happens to the packaging you use, know that it is recycled or reused. We at RecyclePit offer to buy your compressed foam plastic (EPS) waste. Depending on the amount of waste you can pack it on euro pallets or in our boxes.


We want to buy your compressed Eps (flamingo) waste material

The quantity of compressed material we take from factories, stores or public recycling sites differentiate very much.

Call us and we will tell you how we can help your business.


It is a good business case for you.

We compress your waste and GUARENTEE the recycle of the material

RecyclePit buys your compressed foam plastic (EPS) waste and guarantee that the waste is recycled.

We secure the sustainability in the value chain.

As customer you receive a certificat of CO2 and water savings.

Turn waste into value

  • EPS is one of the types of plastic that is very viable, the material does not get dirty, as you know it from many other types of plastic and can therefore be recycled 99%. EPS is slow biodegradable, the material is new and does not contain recycled material.
  • The material is known for filling a lot and weighing a little. EPS contains 98% air, which makes it suitable for compaction. At the recycling sites and by the companies, the material takes up a lot of space in uncompressed form. In compressed form, EPS waste again gains value, as larger quantities can be shipped.
  • We are happy to buy your EPS waste and guarantee that the waste is included in the production of recycled plastic.
  • Using an auger compactor, the EPS can be compressed in the ratio up to 50: 1, which is equivalent to 50 trucks that previously had to be used for disposal can now be replaced by just a single one. The density of the compressed EPS is approx. 350 kg / m. The blocks produced can be stacked on a pallet and sold for recycling. There can be approx. 20 tons in a truck or container.