In 2015 UN adopted the 17 Global Sustainable Development Goals.

We priorities and measure our impact on the following 9 goals.

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See our comments on the individual goals below

By recycling foam material, we use less water. When you produce new foam materials you spend 46 liters clean water per kg. In the recycling process you only spend 0,1 liter of water.

The machines we sell and customize for the individual customers ensure the customers extra earnings on the waste material that has become at new raw materials. Furthermore the customers save money on less transportation and costs for incineration tax. A new industry will arise.

The new raw materials based on recycling of foam materials can be recycled 100%. We guarentee our customers, that their EPS waste material is recycled.

The foam materials are compressed by our machines. It is compressed 1:50, which removes 49 truck loads from the roads.

RecyclePit is the connection between the producer of foam packing and the factories that use foam for packing. We buy the compressed EPS waste materials from the factories and guarentee to recycle the materials. We take care of the manufacturers’ packing responsibility.

Then 1 kg of foam material is recycled we save 2 kg of oil. This is more than 5 kg of CO2 savings and 46 liters of clean water.

Foam material is well represented as packing material in the fishing industry. The waste material has never been of value before. Now we buy the compressed EPS waste material and ensure it is recycled. This reduces dumping of the material at sea.

Foam materials are often burned or land fielded instead of recycled. RecyclePit has developed and patented a solution for the public recycling sites where the ordinary citizen can throw foam waste directly in a compactor solution. RecyclePit collects the compressed EPS waste material from the public recycling site and guarentee a correct recycling process afterwards.

We take part in partnerships and collaborations to help making a difference. We are members of EPS branchen (eps-airpop) and OCEAN PLASTIC FORUM.

The producer responsibility for packaging

We all have to prepare for The Producer Responsibility for packaging in 2025. The Packaging Directive by EU stipulates that there must be extended producer responsibility for packaging per January 1st 2025.

You must as producer or importer know what happens to the packaging you use, know that it is recycled or reused. We at RecyclePit offer to buy your compressed foam plastic (EPS) waste. Depending on the amount of waste you can pack it on euro pallets or in our boxes.